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Ice Cream!

April 8, 2010

I had an epiphany.
I promise to talk to you everyday.
I’ve been battling a bout of mono these days which has made inspiration shall we say, difficult lately?
But that is all changed!
For today The Living Room has chocolate ice cream! Well, while it lasts…and while we are on this topic…did you know we make all of our ice cream in VERY small batches–to keep it fresh, and to keep the flavors changing? So pop on in before it’s gone y’all! And, while you’re at it, ask Katy for a little dollop of pineapple water ice on top! You won’t be disappointed!
Ok, back to rest, and the new Dr. Dog!!!! If you haven’t heard it yet get over to Zzz’s or as a last resort, iTunes.


’til tomorrow roomers…



October 8, 2009

There’s that zing! In the Iowa autumn air. I know you feel it. It encourages deep refreshing breaths, and curling up with something or someone warm.
We hope you’ll choose both. Did I mention we have comfy furniture?
The crisp zap! In the air also marks newness. And we have a lot of that going around too…
For example, new hours!!!! Next week starts what I like to call, hours for real this time. We’ve been hanging out, steeping a little, trying to get a feel for our customers, but will now commit to opening at 7 am Tuesday through Friday, and 8 am on Saturday. We know you’ll embrace the change gladly…and we look forward to seeing you earlybirds!
Apple tartlets tomorrow…in honor of jon and alli getting hitched! Nuthin says love like a warm apple tartlet with cinnamon spice ice cream on top!

“Room” with a view

October 2, 2009


September 24, 2009

Ah, so you know that euphoric feeling you experience when you’ve been gone awhile, even figuratively, and take that first step across your threshold? The aromas that rush in, the feeling in the air that is heavy with nostalgia of the place you belong? That release of breath, ah, you are home…
Today The Living Room had that effect on me. I looked out over the espresso bar and saw the faces of so many great friends choosing to support my new endeavor! Thank you so much you guys! And then saw the faces of my new family whom have been back day after day for a scoop or a sip…I saw Brookus’ amazing vinyl donations to our Living Room seating, and new tonight the most awesome radio I have ever seen via my husband that he assures me will hook up to my record player soon…so much love everywhere!
Today the room just really held me…and I don’t think it’s a feeling you’ll be able to ignore when you stroll in.
So, take a moment, and stay awhile…I’d love to see you!

Nuevo!!! float it and shake it!

September 20, 2009

Today is a brilliant day of new things! Ok, really old things made new–sorta one of those aha! Moments brought on by a couple amazing customers.
First is milkshakes…I know I know…a milkshake is not new. Yes, I do know this. The lovely space we occupy used to be home to a soda fountain…(it closed because they could only find “jerks” to work there…hee). Anyway, so on any given day I have more than a dozen people coming in asking for classic soda fountain fare…enter the two handsome young men about town wanting a vanilla shake, i’m about to say no, I then aha’d…wait! I have milk! Wait, I have homemade ice cream! Tada! A shake! And, we were told a pretty darn dandy good one resulted! So come on in and ask for a vanilla shake, or a John shake (chocolate). Named John cause he was the first customer to ask for a chocolate one…(don’t get any crazy ideas…we will not be naming the banana bread after you just because you order a piece).
Scene 2: enter Kat. Kat is in town working on a feature film. Kat first came in last Sunday, and about every other day comes in to continue her love affair for our iced coffee…
Today Kat brings a counterpart from the movie accounting office…and then comes the dilemma. Kat’s counterpart orders ice cream…Kat really really wants ice cream, but she also cannot shy away from her longing for the delicious cold brew…the result? A coffee float! I mean, of course!!!!! Vanilla ice cream swimming in the rich goodness of our Graffeo brew.
Thank you Kat, thank you men about town, and thank you John for your inspiration!!!!!
Living is growing…
Hope you’ll come grow with us soon.
Ps, watermelon water ice tomorrow! Mmmm hmmm!

Love to live

September 16, 2009

So call me an absolute cheesehead and I will gladly wear the Swiss with pride! There are some changes here on day 5 in The Living Room that have left me breathless with enthusiasm, the first of which is a phone line! Whoop! So excited I was nearly arabesqueing through the tables. Second, I received 3 letters to The Living Room delivered by the spritely postal man, (which you may not think means much…but, to me it means a government agency believes we exist…so then obviously this must not just be a dream!) and, third, one of the letters was my license! ( Another whoop and arabesque).
I scream you scream…you know the rest…seems like the all of West Des Moines is hankering for our oldschool homemade flavors…in fact, are coming back for third helpings! So, looks like another night of churning the sweet stuff…tommorrow night is the WDM farmers market…swing on in for a scoop!
Til then…
It’s another lazy day ‘Livin” it up in The Room.